ICOBI SACCO is an end result of a protracted effort to alleviate poverty from such disadvantaged family households. It emerged from ICOBI Livelihoods Improvement Program (ICOLIP) an outcome of 2008/11 USAID supported Empower households to reduce vulnerability (EMPOWER) OVC Project. ICOBI SACCO was formally registered with Cooperatives in July 2011 and currently has a total membership of 335 caregiver groups with 6,957 [F=5,288; M=1,669] women and men besides 126 ICOBI staff initiators who joined as individuals.

The SACCO has a coordination office and banking facility providing services within ICOBI main building at Kabwohe. The banking services and activities are coordinated by the Finance Manager/Treasurer and largely supported by a volunteer team of ICOLIP Field Agents who mobilize and encourage SILC groups to save/deposit their weekly excess collections beyond their members’ need/ loan requirement in SACCO. The bank has so far has extended UGX 52,417,000= in soft grants to ICOLIP organised groups in need in Sheema district.


  1. Procured and distributed SILC materials 335 metallic container boxes, counter books, pencils, pens, rubbers, rulers, plastic containers, and bags – essential materials for SILC to take off.
  2. Carried out two days’ orientation of existing 954 group leaders comprised of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer on ICOLIP’s SILC methodology approach and Group dynamics.
  3. Trained 24 Field Agents in 9 modules alongside SACCO Field Coordination Team on effective supervision and monitoring of SILC groupS.
  4. Recruited the initial 6 skeleton volunteer SACCO staff and field coordinators to manage, supervise, monitor and follow up SILC activities in communities.
  5. Started and formally operating a registered SACCO ICOBI SACCO where SILC groups and individual members (ICOBI employees and members) have deposited their savings.
  6. ICOBI SACCO won a brand new TVS motorcycle from Stanbic Bank as a member with large sum of deposit over a period and is being used for SACCO coordination activities.
  7. Infrastructure development (Banking hall) an attractive friendly banking environment

Improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people in communities

Integrated Community Based Initiatives (ICOBI) was initiated in 1994 and launched its first major program in 1996 in rural western Uganda. The organization evolved from a response to the country’s STI/AIDS crisis into a long-term approach for meeting the most critical needs of the poor people, PLHA and the most vulnerable children. ICOBI implements community and family based focused programs that respond to critical needs poor populations.

One area which ICOBI has found particularly challenging is developing and implementing a sustainable viable strategy for poor households. ICOBI identified Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) methodology – a means of economic strengthening as a lasting solution to economically empower communities in a sustainable manner.

Governance, Leadership and Management

The SACCO is governed by a Finance sub-committee of the Board that supervises and oversees the bank operations. The Finance manager technically coordinates its operational services supported by the Manager who manages its staff and their day to day activity affairs.